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At Amvotech, we specialize in providing customized IT solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses. With our years experience, we offer managed IT services, IT staffing & recruiting to help you achieve your goals.

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Amvotech’s IT Services Proudly Brings Together The Most Skilled Individuals With The Most Suitable Job Openings.

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Outsource Partner

Finding suitable IT professionals for your company can be a daunting task. To assist you in this process, our IT staffing experts provide a complete outsourcing partnership program to help you locate the ideal candidate.

Screenting CV

We provide a thorough CV screening process to present you with the most suitable candidates for the job. Our advanced AI technology & rigorous skill evaluation procedures ensure that each candidate's qualifications align with the job requirements.

Executive Talent

We have access to a large pool of experienced professionals from various industries, making finding the perfect executive talent for your organization easier. Moreover, our experts help you develop a comprehensive recruitment plan to meet your objectives.

Interview services

We provide comprehensive interview services that include scheduling, pre-interviewing & post-interviewing feedback. We will also assist you in finding the most suitable candidates for specific roles & provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire recruitment process.

Our Expertise

Our Areas of Specialization and Expertise

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Information Technology

Amvotech has a deep understanding of the IT industry & its evolving demands. We excel in finding the most talented & certified IT professionals for all sorts of IT roles. Our extensive network of high-performing IT experts gives our clients an edge in the latest technological requirements.

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We understand the complexity of finding suitable healthcare professionals. Still, our experience allows us to precisely provide what our healthcare clients need. Amvotech experts are experienced in finding the right talent for these roles, ensuring all candidates meet all necessary requirements.

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With our expertise in finding technical talent, we also specialize in providing staff for manufacturing roles. We know how crucial skilled labor is to the manufacturing sector & with this deep understanding of the manufacturing trends, we ensure the right team is sent to your business for a seamless transition.

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Our Unique and Proven Talent Solution Process

We Power Our Clients With Agile Deployment Of Talent And Technology

Our Talent Solutions At A Glimpse

We understand that every individual & organization is different. That's why we have developed a unique & proven Talent Solution Process that can be tailored to meet our client's needs. We focus on both short-term & long-term objectives,considering the needs of both employers & employees.


We power our clients with agile deployment strategies driven by AI and technology

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence & advanced analytics technologies, we can quickly assess a client's unique requirements & match them with the right professionals. Our agile deployment strategies ensure our clients get the best talent in record time, helping them reach their goals faster.

We've got your back for resource challenges in all your businessess

We understand that having the best talent & resources isn't always enough. That's why we provide comprehensive support for resource challenges throughout all project stages. From filling skill gaps to managing projects & teams, we work with our clients to help them succeed in every venture.


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