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Federal contract spending has experienced significant growth, averaging nearly 6% annually over the past five years. This trend reflects the increasing reliance of federal agencies on government contractors to fulfill their needs. With an impressive annual spending of approximately $600 billion in FY2019, there exists a multitude of opportunities for forward-thinking and ambitious companies to capitalize on.

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Whether your company is involved in providing services or manufacturing cutting-edge products for defense or civilian agencies, the importance of finding exceptional talent to deliver these services cannot be overstated. In a competitive labor market, the ability to swiftly identify, vet, and qualify top-tier candidates is crucial. Just like highly sought-after properties, outstanding candidates don't remain available for long. Furthermore, when it comes to federal contracting, having a partner who understands the intricacies of security clearances (such as secret, top secret, DoE Q, Yankee White, CI/poly, FS/poly) is essential to vetting candidatesand ensuring their compliance with these non-negotiable requirements. A solid understanding of certifications required for technical specifications, such as DoD 8570, is also of great importance. As a trusted staffing firm and key partner to government clients, we have consistently provided remarkable talent and cost-effective resources to meet their needs. We have supported them by rapidly augmenting their staff to assist with proposals and swiftly executing awarded contracts. Our expertise has been sought after for labor market surveys to inform Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE). We have a proven track record of success in identifying candidates with unique skill sets and nationwide security clearances.

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