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Scrum Master

Accelerate Your IT Business Growth With Agile Methodology.

At Amvotech, we understand the importance of efficient project management & the need for continuous process improvement to drive success in today's fast-paced business landscape. As a leading IT Staffing & Recruitment firm, we specialize in providing exceptional Scrum Master services to help businesses of all sizes break down complex projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. With our expertise in Agile methodology & deep understanding of the .Scrum framework, we can empower your team to increase productivity, meet client goals & take your business to the next level.

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How Scrum Master Works?

  • Product Backlog
  • The Scrum Master initiates the process by forming a prioritized product backlog, encompassing all project requirements, including features, enhancements & bug fixes.

  • Sprint Planning
  • The Scrum Master & development team collaborates to select & break down user stories into manageable tasks for completion within a sprint during sprint planning.

  • Daily Stand-up Meetings
  • The Scrum Master at Amvotech conducts everyday stand-up meetings to promote transparency, communication & issue identification among team members.

  • Sprint Review
  • The Scrum Master arranges a sprint review meeting at the end of each sprint to present the team's completed work to stakeholders, gather feedback & maintain alignment with client goals.

  • Retrospective
  • The Scrum Master conducts a retrospective meeting after the sprint review to analyze team performance, identify improvements & enhance productivity through continuous feedback.

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